Our Pastor


Pastor Ron Salem

Reverend Ronald Lee Salem was born in 1953 and grew up in a middle class, Christian family. Ron began working on cars and trucks at age fourteen and has continued working ever since. He graduated from Elco and 1971 and continued on to complete three years of tech school. God called Ron to the ministry in 1979 while he was sitting at the bottom of a quarry in a 1970 Chevelle. After becoming “born again” he wore out 6 Bibles in ten years, reading the bible through four times and thoroughly believing every word from cover to cover. After four years studying at Evangelical Seminary, Ron spent three years in the twenty-first ministry program and studied evangelism in Columbus. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Scriptural Studies and an Honorary Doctorate.

Ron and his wife, Gaye, have been married for 37 years and have been blessed with four beautiful children; two girls, ages 29 and 39, and two boys, ages 32 and 42. Ron earned the nickname, “Old Ironsides” due to his refusal to compromise on the Word of God. Ron’s passion for God and the church show through his interactions with the public and the church body. Ron has been the pastor at St. Stephen’s Christian Fellowship Church since 2007. He welcomes you, and hopes to see you in church soon!

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