Music at St. Stephen’s

Here at St. Stephen’s we take pride in our music which is provided throughout our services. We would love for you to take part in some of our musical groups.

St. Stephen’s Choir

Our choir provides special music during our weekly services, and provides two cantatas a year for Easter and Christmas.
There are no auditions held. We would love to hear your wonderful voice become part of our choir. Our choir meets on Wednesday Evenings from September to May at 7-8pm.

The choir does take a three month break during June, July and August; during this time we ask for volunteers to provide special music for the summer months.

Easter Cantata Practice and Palm Sunday Cantata:

March 2016:


St. Stephen’s Orchestra

During our Sunday worship service we are also provided music by our orchestra.
The orchestra plays along with the hymns being sung during the service.
The orchestra does provide special music during the Christmas Eve service and may provide music during the summer worship services.

There is no rehearsal, so come join us for a Sunday service with your instrument.