Hello all. I hope this day finds you well and you remain so. My words of wisdom for these trying times are simple ones. Be good, be happy, be safe, and trust God! Hundreds of times in the Bible, God tells his people, (and that includes you), not to worry; to stop their fears; to be brave and courageous, to trust in Him. When everyone else is running for cover, we who belong to God choose to follow Him straight into the storm. Jesus told his followers not to worry about tomorrow, but to focus on the problems of today. So, I ask you, do you currently have the coronavirus? Probably not. Do you know anyone with coronavirus? Me neither. 

Did you know that the anti-bodies that are used to combat disease used to develop vaccines are extracted from our bodies? Why? because we’re not smart enough to make them ourselves. Our Creator armed us with these amazing little critters that actually recognize foreign invaders, they destroy them and then, guess what? They record and remember the DNA markers of that unwanted cell so they’re ready for it the next time it shows up!!! Do we have an awesome God or what?  As believers, we’re following the command of Jesus and choosing not to engage in fear. Instead, we choose to trust in God, to give time to God, to be attentive to His Word, and to be thankful to Him. Remember, perfect love casts out all fear….so again I ask you, where do we find Perfect Love? It’s not a thing, it’s not a formula, it’s not something you get, rather it’s SOMEONE YOU RECEIVE. Perfect Love is Christ Jesus and if you’re a Christian He is already living in you !       So, again, I say to you, be good, be happy, be safe, and trust God!

I am always available if you would care to chat. Your pastor and friend in Christ,


Rev. Ronald Lee Salem